Bitcoin Whale Alarm: Crypto Whales transfer large amounts of BTC and ETH on exchanges

Our Bitcoin Whale Alarm is making the sirens wail again and for good reason. Crypto whales are popping up in large numbers while the Bitcoin Benefit reached its highest level in 33 months. In just a few hours, Bitcoin Whales transferred 15,041 BTC worth $ 226.2 million. Some Ethereum whales also showed up on the surface.

In this article we got to the bottom of the question of where these BTC and ETH were moved.

Large amount of bitcoins transferred to Coinbase

Most of the cryptocurrencies have been sent to Coinbase from unknown wallets, where they can be traded on the open market.

Here is an overview of the largest transfers that have just hit the ledger:

Ethereum whales were also on the surface, while the Crypto-Mark exudes extreme euphoria. In the same three-hour period, three whales moved 230,254 ETH worth $ 95.6 million.

Two of the transfers moved crypto between unknown wallets, with the third transfer sent by ETH to the decentralized exchange Uniswap.

30,000 ETH worth 12.3 million dollars sent to Uniswap from an unknown wallet

One thing should be clear: We can definitely expect volatile times on the crypto market and volatility, as every trader knows, opens up a wealth of lucrative opportunities.

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